Subscription Method

Today, more than ever, you want your money to stay on your pocket while purchasing a product for half the price. then paying the rest after the agreement time

with that is possible now as a Beta version, the exclusive on this is there is no interets or hidden fees, it is totally free and 100% works on customers favour as we value our customers.

Pay over time, without penalty

Choose the subscription payment at checkout and use your favorite credit card to turn your purchase into smaller, interest free payments.*

No applications or credit checks

Since it’s your credit, there are no applications or credit checks that affect your credit score and make things complicated to slow you down at checkout.

Always no interest. Never any late fees*

Your payments are kept small because with there are no interest charges or fees — so more of your money stays your money to spend on the things you need. And it won’t affect your credit score.

Why we are doing this ?

as we work on finding what suits our customer, we figure out that 70% of time customers prefer to pay for products as a splitted payments instead of one time payment and for this reason we had the idea to offer our customers the chance to keep some of their money for a while, while taking the product they want

Do you ship the product on first payment subscription?

yes. we ship the products once we receive the first subscription payment, the tracking number should appear to you in 3 days

is there any interests or fees ?

there is absolutely no fees or hidden interests, pay the first half, enjoy your product, once the agreement time is reached we will automatically charge you the other half and complete the subscription

what if I delay the payment schedule ?

it is better to contact us for the possibility of extended timeframe, we may accept it or reject it as per our terms and customers history with us

Do I m gonna be charged if I already compelted my subscription earlier ?

once you finish the due amount there will be no further charges at all, and there is no problem in paying the full amount whenever you ready. so once the amount is paid in full the subscription will automatically be completed in anytime within the subscription timeframe